How To Buy Color Street Nails

How To Buy Color Street Nails
Edward R. Forte May 8, 2022


How To Buy Color Street Nails

You’ll discover information about promotions, customer feedback, get answers to FAQs, and more, to help you decide if Color Street is truly worth the buy.Founded in NYC, the idea for Color Street was developed when Fa Park witnessed a woman stuck in traffic attempting to paint her nails.The brand has grown throughout the past 30 years, starting with solid shades and changing with modern needs to include fun graphics, prints, and a boatload of glitter.Today, Color Street is sold through a direct sales platform, pairing customers up with Independent Stylists who assist in the picking and purchasing process.The company, which is now a division of Incoco, is located in New Jersey where its 100% real nail polish strips are made.Before we get into the brand’s expressive products, this Color Street nails review will fill you in on its pros and cons.In the next section of this Color Street nails review, we’ll take you on a journey through the brand’s most-loved polishes, ranging from pink and glittery to dark and mysterious.Soft pink is spiced up with hints of magenta, layered with glitter like a Barbie on prom night.These glittery white and silver nail polish strips are ideal for the cooler seasons, worn with chunky-knit knuckle-grazing turtlenecks, we’re thinking in a shade of taupe, but thanks to their neutrality, they pair well with any color!Deep, romantic, and mysterious, Made in Milan is a burgundy-brown color that shows off your classy side.A magnificent choice for days in the office, this color has a professional feel to it, contrasting well with crisp, white button-ups and suiting thick-rimmed oversized specs.Like light reflecting off of a dark body of water at midnight, Moon River’s twinkling shimmer is full of drama.Larger dots of glitter dance upon this sparkly grey polish, accented by flecks of black and white.Reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s iconic solo in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, pop these beauties on whenever you feel like channeling a bit of the mysterious Holly Golightly.This Color Street Dripping in Diamonds is a clear strip that’s been encrusted with glistening diamond-like glitter at the tips.We love the thought of placing over crimson red, for a fun play on the winter season—when the time approaches, that is.An everyday favorite, this creamy, pale pink shade has a creme finish that pumps up its look of luxury.Pair with a simple makeup look, like popping pink cheeks, dewy skin, and a few swipes of lengthening mascara.It’s that coveted shade you admire on the put-together woman who reaches out for her iced, non-fat, sugar-free, caramel macchiato in your local coffee shop, outfitted in popular, body-hugging activewear, with a cute, fluffy, white dog at her hip.Color Street offers Solid, Glitter, and French styles of nail polish strips, and the application methods vary.If you work with your hands or wash dishes constantly, you may find your manicure won’t last the full 10 days.Because they’re mess-free, you won’t need to wait around for them to dry and play around with thick coats of polish, uneven strokes, or shaky hands.Thanks to the quick application and affordable price, we’d say this brand is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have time to mess around with at-home manicures or wants to save a few bucks per month on visits to the salon.Color Street isn’t the only brand on the market to make nail polish strips, but it does things a little differently from its competitors in terms of style and materials.In this section of our Color Street nails review, we’ll be doing a quick comparison between the brand and Incoco.Before we get started, we must tell you that Incoco is actually the parent company of Color Street, but it does carry its own namesake collection, as well as one called Coconut Nail Art.Art like arrows, mini hearts, polka dots, and tie-dye marbling adorn its strips.Nail polish strips seem pretty straightforward, but we need to hear from customers to understand what they’re really like.That’s why in this section of our Color Street nails review, we’ve compiled the results of a thorough web search for helpful feedback.You’ll find information about the brand’s quality and customer service to help you shop with confidence.A Color Street nails review on Splendry revealed the results of a few members after they accepted the challenge.Overall, members had similar results, which sounded like, “the glitter nails stayed on without chipping or peeling until I removed them two weeks after application.One said, “It took me a couple of attempts on different applications to really get the hang of how to get them applied.” Others said that the tutorial video really helped and that after they figured it out it took about 10 seconds to apply.One comment read, “They worked really well, I just didn’t like that they were so thin cause I was able to tear them really easily [and] once it’s on you can’t really move it.” Yes, ripping would be an issue, and we could see the potential of getting frustrated trying to place a sticky nail strip.Happily finding an A+ and a 3/5 star rating, we saw that the brand has resolved a total of 37 complaints over the past 3 years, a small number for a big company.The brand’s nail polish strips are loved by customers and the company responds to complaints quickly.The brand is sold through a direct sales model, meaning you’ll be paired up with a rep in your area who will answer any questions you have about the products and ship your order.If you need any other information that wasn’t included in this Color Street nails review, feel free to reach out to the brand by using the Contact Form available on its website. .

Color Street Nails

Wir bringen kreative Köpfe mit all denjenigen zusammen, die auf der Suche nach etwas Besonderem sind – für mehr Menschlichkeit im Handel. .

Our Honest Review of Color Street Nail Polish

It’s nice to go to the salon and be treated to a spa manicure and pedicure, but that gets expensive, and gel polish can be hard on your nails.The Color Street foundation donates to various causes throughout the year, such as domestic violence awareness, multiple sclerosis, breast cancer, and infant loss.Apply prior to going to bed to avoid getting Color Street strips wet for several hours, and to allow the polish to set.If your nails are dry, instead of using the provided prep pad, simply wash hands in Dawn dish soap.In this manner, you can use your thumb to help apply Color Street polish strips to your other fingers.For longer lasting results, apply a clear top coat after Color Street is set, and then reapply every couple of days.If you get Color Street over the edge of your cuticle, simply use a cuticle trimmer to trim the edge of the polish; otherwise, Color Street strips may lift or peel.For best results, be careful when stretching so the polish strip doesn’t tear.Applying Color Street polish strips isn’t difficult, but you do get better with practice.In her free time Brenda loves to play with her one year-old puppy, Holly (Woods), and her two granddaughters.Her three year-old granddaughter loves Color Street and can’t wait for LaLa (that’s Brenda) to do her nails.Brenda started with Color Street when the pandemic shut down nail salons.She bought several strips from a friend, and then was buying every week because she wanted to try different combinations. .

What Are Color Street Nails: How to Apply, Cost, & More

While Color Street does sell its nail polish strips via its website, it's important to note that Color Street is also an MLM (multi-level marketing business), meaning the brand earns profits through a non-salaried workforce.Of course, if you don’t know how to paint within the lines or you simply can’t be bothered to try, accomplishing such is can be tricky.While doing so may make you worry about snagging the polish, rest assured, these strips are designed to be filed.To do so, remove any polish that remains on your nails, use the included Prep Pad to remove any oils from your nails, push your cuticles back, and file all edges for a clean, smooth base.Remove the backing from one nail strip at a time and apply immediately.This is crucial because if you wait to apply, the adhesive can dry out and your Color Street nails won’t last as long.After smoothing the sticker onto the nail, fold the excess strip over the edge and gently file downward to cut it off without disrupting the appearance of your polish.“We always recommend this instead of peeling or picking off the polish to prevent any damage to your nails,” Parks says.Now that you understand that hype of Color Street, allow us to introduce you to a few of our favorite sticker sets.If you’re not quite ready to rock leopard pants or boots, dip your toe (er, finger) into the trend with these fun nail stickers. .

Neon Nails from Color Street – Pretty Chic Nails & Charms

Ok not officially but it sure feels like it with the release of Color Street’s newest mini collection called Neon Nights. .

How to Request a Color Street Sample – Pretty Chic Nails & Charms

Have you been hearing your friends talk about a new company called Color Street that makes nail polish strips?If you want to browse the nail collections or are ready to purchase, this link will take you directly to the shopping website. .

How Much Does Color Street Cost – Color Street Pricing – Pretty

You’ve heard about the fun and sassy new nail polish strips that have been getting crazy popular in the last 2 years?There is a broad selection of constantly changing solids, glitters, and nail art designs.Join our Facebook Community for laughs, support, and games, pre launch news, contests, and giveaways. .

Tips on How to Get the Best Application with Color Street Nail Strips

Wipe your finger tips with alcohol pads before application (make sure it's fully dry) so that you reduce the oil transferring on to the sets as you apply.Even though the nail polish strips are completely dry, the adhesive needs about 3 hours to fully cure.If you wait to apply before bed it will give you a lot of time for it to cure while you are sleeping.3.Avoid hot water or a lot of hand washing before the nail strips have fully cured.If you angle the file too far toward your nails then you will end up looking like you already got tip wear on the first day. .



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